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Introducing WARC Group of Sierra Leone

13 October 2018 at 05:25 | 1941 views

PV Staff

At a place called Tormabum in the south of Sierra Leone, there is company quietly changing the lives of the people in that area in diverse ways.

This company is called West African Rice Company (WARC) and it was established in the country seven years ago. It has literally weathered many storms including surviving the horrible Ebola epidemic.

We will let the founders introduce themselves:

The WARC Group is a Sierra Leone based company engaged in food production, nutrition improvement and advisory services that was founded in 2011. The WARC Group aims at playing a critical role in Africa’s agricultural revolution, mingling the best of technology with indigenous farming communities and contributing to a fair and rapid rural development. WARC is working to bridge the productivity gap across maize, rice, soybeans and other crops to help unlock Sierra Leone’s and the wider region’s agricultural potential.

The WARC Group currently consists of more than 12 full time expatriates and 150 full time local employees. WARC Group is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a grantee of the Howard G. Buffett and Tony Blair Foundations, and Best Company in Agriculture in Sierra Leone in 2013. The WARC Group is comprised of WARC Production, WARC Foundation (not for profit) and WARC Consulting.

Here is a video depicting WARC’s work in Tormabum, courtesy of WARC Group: