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Introducing Christian Lawyers’ Centre

19 April 2019 at 17:39 | 1688 views

By Emperor Bailor Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief

The Christian Lawyers Centre/LEGAL LINK in Freetown, Sierra Leone with the motto " Defending the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in Society" is a non-profit legal advocacy group of lawyers, Law students and human rights activists that provides specialised legal assistance,professional advice, legal representation and defends the rights of religious communities and vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone with a vision to build and consolidate a culture of respect for human rights through the provision of quality,effective and timely legal assistance to religious communities and vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone.

In fulfillment of its christian education mandate ,the Christian Lawyers Centre/LEGAL LINK will organise a day’s training workshop for church leaders and their administrators on Thursday April 25,2019 at the Bethel Cathedral of Praise Church,Circular Road,Freetown in a bid to broaden their horizon on the law as well as the setting up and registration of churches,acquisition of properties, preparation of leases and tenancy agreements, the handling of labour and staff employment matters, National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) and Income tax issues, church ethics and church versus local government and court proceedings.

Speaking to this medium on Wednesday April 17,2019 in his office 89 Fort Street in Freetown, the founder and CEO of the Christian Lawyers Centre /LEGAL LINK Lawyer Rashid Dumbuya revealed that the setting up of this legal advocacy Centre was a divine inspiration as a best way to serve God and humanity and the proposed training programme for 200 church leaders and their administrators from 100 churches in Freetown will be of immense benefit to the Christian Community in terms of knowledge acquisition and understanding of legal, policy and institutional frameworks relating to church governance in Sierra Leone while the next phase of the training programme will focus on the Muslim community in Sierra Leone.