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Introducing African Sports Monthly

By  | 5 August 2010 at 22:26 | 470 views

The President and Chief Executive Officer of African Sports Monthly, Mr. Leslie Koroma has reiterated that the project is not only here to stay, but to compete with the very best in the publications of all disciplines of sports in the continent.

Speaking to this press from his Houston base, Koroma recalled that he had hatched the dream as way back as 2002, but is grateful that the project has kicked off this year. African Sports Monthly a digital magazine is part of the parent company; African Sports Media Networks. Its twin portals are and

“Very soon, we intend to launch the hard copy version of the magazine”, Mr. Koroma recently told The Patriotic Vanguard in London, en route to Texas, after his live coverage of the World Cup in South Africa.

Though the initial publication of the digital magazine, published in July, had a huge chunk of its contents dedicated to the FIFA World Cup and its legacy for South Africa, it also covered a range of other sporting activities including bodybuilding, athletics and sports nutrition.

Koroma, himself an ex-athlete, who represented the University of Sierra Leone in students games at Sheffield and Buffalo in the nineties, revealed his vision of capturing the African market through organising annual awards for outstanding African sports personalities. “This is my long term dream, but first, I want to assemble a team of professionals and dedicated writers.” And the organisation is not short of heavy weight writers and analysts. Already, African Sports Media Network can boast of writers such as Kingsley Kobo (editor), who has a novel to his name and Sahr Morris Jr, to name but a few. Soon, according to the CEO, there will be an announcement of more big names in the team.

Another goal of the media company is the creation of an African Sports Museum, which will be structured in a way that sporting heritage of the continent will be showcased with a view to motivate youngsters. “I will be doing an exploration of the possibilities in Africa at the end of this year’, Mr. Koroma affirmed.

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