From the Editor’s Keyboard

Analyzing Canada’s weather temperatures

20 December 2016 at 21:58 | 1590 views

By Abayomi Charles Roberts, General Editor, Edmonton, Canada.

In Canada, weather temperatures are Just put it mildly.

They shape our Way of LIFE here.

First: Canadian numbers are in CELSIUS or Centigrade, unlike the Fahrenheit preferred by the USA.

Second: The numbers are INDIRECTLY Proportional to the layers of clothing required for outdoors.

The LOWER the Celsius numbers, the MORE Layers of clothes the Skin DEMANDS....not Negotiable.

To ’Double’ is minimum SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) here.

Ever heard of ’LONG Johns’?

These underwear have little or nothing to do with people named John.

Third: ELECTRIC Power is a NECESSITY: VITAL to heat homes, workplaces, eateries, recreation centres, Prayer Places, transit buses & shelters, etc.

Yet another SOP is to Re-CHARGE automobile BATTERIES while vehicles are parked overnight, at home.

There is a minimum number of Hours to plug in. Fall short and risk being late for work the next day.

The battery will be sleeping, as will the engine - the next morning.

The fixtures for ’PLUGGING the CAR’ are staple in Real Estate here....much like Rice is to Salone Diet.

Yet, some 30 million people survive - and many thrive - somehow.

The numbers game? Three CEEs:

Canada, COLD, Culture...Frigid is a way of life for much of the YEAR.

Imagine Fort McMurray at MINUS 40 Degrees Celsius on 17 December 2016.

This city in Alberta’s petroleum mines (aka Fort MAC) made world news in MAY 2016....for scorching HEAT!

And now for the FINE PRINT: often barely whispered.
.’Wind CHILL’.

Wind CHILL....akin to moving Food from FRIDGE to FREEZER!