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Hinga Norman to Break Silence Soon

28 August 2006 at 23:07 | 462 views

Press Release

Former Regent Chief, Sam Hinga Norman(photo), is expected to make a major public statement regarding his position with respect to the SLPP and in particular the nomination or appointment of Vice President, Solomon Berewa, as Leader of the SLPP very shortly.

While awaiting the full text of the statement, we are reliably informed that Mr. Norman remains adamant about his opposition to the election of Berewa as Party Leader as a violation the Sierra Leone Constitution (Sections 35.4, 76.1.h) as well as the Political Parties Act (Section 14.1).

Chief Norman’s statement will come as a result of several meetings that have been held between the ruling SLPP and Norman’s supporters recently in Freetown and just this past Saturday in Bo. The statement is currently being released to leaders of the Kamjor Movement, traditional chiefs, media outlets and supporters at home and abroad. We hope to have a public release available within the next few days. Meanwhile, the public is advised that information currently published by the Democrat newspaper regarding the meeting in Bo does not necessarily reflect the views of the Campaign to Elect Hinga Norman.

We are also reliably informed that the preliminary ruling on Mr. Norman’s petition before the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on the constitutionality of the election of Mr. Berewa as Party Leader is due early September. The justices are expected to meet in closed session very shortly to consider the ruling. While the Supreme Court deliberates on the issue, we have reason to believe that Plan B for Mr. Berewa is to resign from the office of Vice President shortly before the election in order to circumvent the national constitution or a negative ruling of the court without the SLPP convening of a party convention to properly elect a leader of the party. We must remind the party that this is a dangerous option that is bound to leave the party and the country open to political chaos due to internal dissension and external challenges from rival political parties as well as civil and community action groups around the country.

Alfred M. SamForay

Campaign to Elect Norman.