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Hello Africa: The heart of the matter

23 March 2009 at 02:52 | 517 views

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, PV Special Correspondent, London, UK.

The recent coup in Madagascar has only been condemned because of the so called democratic constitutional changes but not in the interests of the deprived poor people. This, as it has always been the case, shall never depict true democratic principles in Africa in particular and the world over. Democracy should have a fore warning effect rather than a reactionary one; otherwise democracy will always fail. It is no surprise that coups are following each other in Africa as it was in the 1950s and 60s.

Any so called democracy that fails to deliver fundamental human provisions is a failed democracy and MUST be removed from the seat of power by free and fair elections and other democratic means. The people of Madagascar attempted to have their rights prevail peacefully but to no avail. Their efforts were greeted with the dictatorial political game theory most African leaders believe in.

Events in life are evaluated by their aims or objectives. Therefore, success depicts those objectives. The achievements of those objectives have to be realized, distributed and sustained. Until such a democratic environment operates, there will always be witch hunting, backwardness, and calamity in the nation. This is also a warning to Sierra Leone.

Those condemning the coup should learn lessons from recent events if they had not done so in similar situations elsewhere. They should learn from the grievances of the deprived poor when their leaders only consider living flamboyant lives at the expense of the poor. They do not have to be selective. For instance, western media are condemning Mrs Mugabe’s Far East visits but they have ignored the lavish life style of the deposed ruler of Madagascar. This is unfair and is an insult to our intelligence.

If a state is poor, the leader has to show it by the way he lives and not the deprived poor solely paying the price. If information by the opposition is to go by, it is ridiculous and inhuman of the deposed head of state in Madagascar to purchase a $60m jet for himself whilst women and children are dying in hospitals, shabby homes, and families are in disarray because the breadwinner could not provide anything.

The so called Western democrats know of all corrupt dealing and corrupt transfers of ‘cruel’ money from deprived poor nations to their banks but have closed their lips and dismiss with a sigh the methods used by such leaders to get the money. They have always fail to condemn from that point. Why should they boast of economic sanctions? Why should they watch our brothers and sisters in the streets of our beloved continent die in the shadow of poverty without condemning and taking fervent actions?

Ironically, it took the West less that a minute to condemn Russia on flushing out pro- western Georgia from the breakaway regions. Unfortunately, people are dying in Somalia like ‘non-living species’ after a period of US past and present involvement in that nation. All the emotion is just centred on the so called ‘war on terror’. But there are so called terrorists embedded in the whole of the Arab world where western interests are. Yet they steadfastly stay and do business in those countries regardless of anti-western threats but ignore deprived poor Africans who perish in vain.

The African Union and whosoever is condemning the coup might be right but they are doing so at the wrong time. The situation in Madagascar had warning signs but nobody intervened proportionately and prudently. It is better for critics to be proactive rather than reactive. You should not wait until things get really bad before you come out shouting and crying and condemning.

God Bless Africa and Africans!

Note from the editor: March 23 is the birthday of this writer, Ahmed Ojulla Bangura(photo). On behalf of the Patriotic Vanguard management and readers, I wish him many more birthdays and the best of luck. He is doing a PhD in Environmental Studies in London.