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Happy 10th Anniversary, Patriotic Vanguard

31 July 2015 at 09:30 | 642 views

By Ansumana Usman Koroma, Tasmania, Australia.

Online news publications have become important sources of information for many Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora. One of such newspapers that has become the gateway to events and happenings in Sierra Leone, Africa and the rest of the world is the Patriotic Vanguard, which is a Canadian-Sierra Leonean online news portal.

Patriotic Vanguard has the trusted oxygen of news dissemination that keeps its wide range of readers informed and educated. The newspaper brings you news as it breaks and covers political, sports, social and economic issues. It is a window to the outside world. Over the years, it has become successful in providing information and creating awareness on a range of important topics among its readers, especially Sierra Leoneans.

Anytime I attempt to read news about Sierra Leone and other parts of the world, Patriotic Vanguard always ring a bell. Your regular update on events and current affairs around the globe has to be something valuable to your audience.
Patriotic Vanguard continues to feature articles and commentaries that shed-light on critical issues and for this reason, I trust that the newspaper has expanded its reader coverage to different parts of the world since its inception some ten years ago.

Let me say happy tenth anniversary and a big thanks to its CEO and Publisher, Gibril Gbanabome Koroma as well as its staff in Sierra Leone, Canada and the rest of the world for the delivery of its never-ending educative, informative and reader friendly stories. Special thanks also for publishing my articles over the years. You are doing an incredible job. Bravo!!!!