Hail the Power Brokers!

19 September 2005 at 10:49 | 549 views

By Gbakanda Kamara, Norway

The present political situation that the "SLPP" is creating in Sierra Leoneis ,by all historical and logical reasoning , a cause for concern.

It was a similar modus operandi by Albert Margai in the 1960’s that led to the fall of the SLPP and the political ascendancy of Siaka Stevens ,a Mende -Bambara
whose mother(Miatta) was from Blama Massaquoi chiefdom, and who decided to fool Sierra Leoneans and the north in particular that he was Limba(aided by cheap hustlers like C.A .Kamara -Taylor- a Limba raised by Creoles
hence the combination of his original name Alusine Kamara and the Creole name he got upon baptism -Christian Taylor,A.J. Sembu Forna- a diamond evaluator of obscure origins with some Limba connections in the
Kambia(MADINA TONKO AND WARRAWARRA ) District.They took Siaka to Kabassa, a village in Tonko Limba and performed a fake ceremony on a grave they never even knew who is in it and told the people that was Siaka’s father’s

This is one reason why some fickle- minded people think and spread the belief that the APC party is Northern.
The rest of what happened I will deal with in another installment but I have gone to this extent to make Sierra Leoneans aware of the fact that all has been lies and all is still lies and it is the sons of foreigners who want
to take power from the indigenes that are mostly responsible for the problems of that land.

Proof number one: why has Kabbah reshuffled at this time? To bring in his foreign origin brothers to get a last dip.Kabbah’s -father from Moriah in
Guinea,John Ben’s - father -a German.
Next reason for the resuffle- to create a strong power base for Berewa to win-why? -because Berewa ,Kabbah ,John Ben and others still to surface were the engineers of the April 29 NPRC Coup -they manipulated the boys
and got to power using a popular appeal-SLPP-an alternative most Sierra Leoneans believed could salvage the country ,little knowing the role of the ’redeemer’ in the whole war .
If you have any doubt about what is in this article look at the National Advisory Council of the NPRC. SEE WHO AND WHO WERE IN THAT COUNCIL THAT ARE NOT POWER BROKERS IN TODAY’S SIERRA LEONE!

Photo: John Benjamin: NPRC power broker.