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Gunfire in Kailahun: SLPP Denies Allegations

By  | 17 July 2007 at 01:54 | 798 views

Victor Reider, the SLPP national publicity secretary, has categorically denied allegations by PMDC supporters that their leader Charles Margai and his convoy were recently ambushed in the Kailahun district by SLPP supporters.

The PMDC further alleged that an attempt was made on Charles Margai’s life by Sierra Leone’s ambassador to Liberia, Patrick Foya(photo) who, it is alleged, fired a gun during the fracas.

Morie Mussafa, a known PMDC supporter further alleged that Foya’s wife, Mamie Banya, who is the SLPP candidate in the area the incident occurred(Kailahun Central 1), tried to disrupt a PMDC meeting and had to be dissuaded by the local police chief and a UN official.

Reider, who is on a tour of the north, denied all the allegations, stating that the PMDC and other opposition parties are merely trying to create the impression of instability knowing fully well that they do not stand a chance against the SLPP in the forthcoming elections.

He maintained that the SLPP does not believe in thuggery or violence and that it’s going into the elections with the knowledege that its record will speak for itself.

"The people of this country are not stupid. They know what we have done for them since 1996," Reider said. He also denied that former NPRC strong man Tom Nyuma is one of Vice President Solomon Berewa’s bodyguards.

"Tom is a Sierra Leonean and he has a right to return to this country and to declare support for the SLPP, but he is not part of the Vice President’s security", Reider said.

He also described as complete nonsense another allegation that says the SLPP is planning a fuel shortage a few days before the elections to paralyze the tranportation of opposition supporters.

"That’s the most stupid thing I have heard in my life," he said.