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Golley, Others, Charged with Treason

By  | 23 January 2006 at 21:32 | 584 views

When lawyer and business man Omrie Golley was picked up recently amidst talk of a coup plot many people were doubtful and skeptical. Well, it looks as if the Sierra Leone government means business after all.

The Inspector General of Police in Sierra Leone, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara seems to have delivered on the promise he made last week.

Acha had promised to expedite the investigations connected with the arrest and detention of former RUF spokesman Omrie Golley and four others. This morning, in Freetown, Golley and two others, former RUF fighter Mohamed Alpha Bah and Sierra Leone army ex-serviceman David Kai-Tongi briefly appeared in court and were formally charged with treason and conpiracy.These charges include the allegation that they plotted to assassinate the Vice-President of Sierra Leone, Mr. Solomon Berewa.

The Vanguard has not yet been able to determine the fate of two other people including a woman, who were arrested with Golley but we promise to do that in the next couple of hours. Golley, a British citizen, is being represented by PMDC leader Charles Margai. It’s ironic that Mr. Margai himself faces conspiracy charges in a separate case involving himself, Vice-President Berewa and the government of Sierra Leone.

The matter has been adjourned to January 30th.

Photos: IGP Brima Acha Kamara, left and Omrie Golley, right.