Gaddafi should pay reparations to Sierra Leone and Liberia

10 March 2011 at 03:16 | 1557 views

By Jesmed Suma, USA.

In 2008, in an unprecedented act of contrition, Italy agreed to pay reparation of $ 5b Billion dollars to Libya for Rome’s past injustices for 30 years as colonial master over Libya in the early years of the last century.

Also in 2008 Libya was ordered to pay $ 6b Billion dollars to the victims on-board the French Aircraft UTA Flight 772 for Libya’s role in the bombing of the flight over Niger in 1989. In addition Libya agreed to also pay $ 1M dollars to each of the other 170 non-American victims.

Libya also paid the US Govt. $1.5b billion dollars for Libya’s role in the Lockerbie Bombing that took the life of 270 victims and for the Berlin Disco Bombing that killed 3 and wounded 200.

Now with regards to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Ghaddafi sponsored a rebellion that killed thousands of poor, innocent men, women and children. These victims deserve the same justice as the victims of the Lockerbie bombing or the Libyan victims of Italian injustice.

In an expression of my disapproval of the mediocre government of Tejan Kabbah’s courting of the Libyan authorities, I wrote an email insisting that we have more to gain in suing the government of Libya rather than trying win favours with Ghaddafi. Today I am repeating that call....I am asking the government of SL in collaboration with the government of Liberia to take legal action against the government of Libya and Ghaddafi for his role in financing the wars in SL and Liberia.

Together we can do this....I shall table the idea to the membership of SLPW to consider pushing this campaign as our next challenge after the Diaspora Voting Act. We can reach out to Lawyer Stewart Newberger one of the lawyers that represented the victims of the Niger bombing including of course other competent Sierra Leonean legal luminaries.

Please let us know if you support the above idea. Please say so and let us move with it. In SLPW we must reach consensus to take up any policy debate. So please help me make a case for the above suggestion before I table it for consideration at SLPW. Please feel free to forward this to your forum.