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Freetown: Cleaning Campaign Launched

25 March 2006 at 00:42 | 446 views

Press Release

The public is hereby informed, that there will be a general cleaning exercise scheduled to take place on Saturday 25th March 2006, from 6am to 12 noon. All shops and markets must remain closed during this period ( i.e. 6am - 12noon)

For this exercise the City of Freetown has been divided into Eight (8) zones, namely:

Zone 1 — Lumley

Zone 2 — Murray Town including Wilkinson Road

Zone 3 — Wilberforce up to Hill Station

Zone 4 — Congo Cross to Cotton Tree

Zone 5 — Cotton Tree to Eastern Police

Zone 6 — Eastern Police to Up-Gun

Zone 7 — Up-Gun to Kissy Shell

Zone 8 &! nbsp; — Kissy Shell to Allen Town

City Councillors, Petty Traders,Market Women, Motor Drivers Union, Youth Organizations and all Residents are requested to mobilise and fully participate in the cleaning.

Residents are reque! sted to clean drainges and frontages of their respective houses. The public is, however, advised not to cut down trees during the cleanig process.
The security forces, particularly, the police will be out in full force to ensure the compliance of all accordingly.

Only vehicles with authorized passses form Freetown City Council will be allowed to ply the streets with(in) the specified period

Photo: Winstanley Bankole Johnson, mayor of Freetown.