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Freetown City Council Complex Project

14 December 2017 at 04:22 | 3942 views

Here is the basic plan of the proposed new Freetown City Council complex to be funded by the South Korean government. Information provided courtesy of the Sierra Leone embassy in Seoul, South Korea:

- Basement Floor (Electrical room, mechanical room, etc).

- Floor 1 (Exhibition and Administrative halls).

- Floor 2 (40 desk computer lab complete with a lounge)

- Floors 3 and 4 (Auditorium linked to annex car park at Floor 3 via a corridor)

- Floors 5 and 6 ( Conference Hall, Mayor’s Parlour, Deputy Mayor’s office, offices for support staff and visitors’ gallery)

- Floor 7 ( 18 offices, Meeting Room, Archiving Room for FCC personnel)

- Floors 8 to 12 ( Additional office accommodation)

- Floor 13 ( Four mayoral state of the art guest suites)

- Floor 14 (Sky Lounge, fitness facility, kitchen and canteen complex)

- Annex Building ( six-floor car park connecting to rear of auditorium at the third floor)