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Freetown: Armed robbers captured broad daylight

11 May 2017 at 01:12 | 2327 views

PV Staff

Police arrested a number of armed robbers Wednesday afternoon in Freetown according to information and video clips shared on social media.

They attacked, allegedly with gunfire, a Mercury lottery payment centre at Wellington, outside Freetown, that is owned by the Michael family where millions, possibly billions, of Leones were kept.

There are rumours some robbers were also shot and killed at the scene but we have to confirm that although we have seen photos of some dead bodies too graphic to publish.

Here are the two video clips of the arrested robbers which have gone viral. First the captured robbers could be seen in a police vehicle surrounded by an angry crowd:

And now another video clip of crowds jubilating and congratulating the police (something rare in the country) over the arrests: