First Year Progress Report: President Koroma is on the right track

22 September 2008 at 22:01 | 895 views

By Abdul B. Kamara (Chief), USA.

The people of Sierra Leone are blessed. One thing in life that is certain is CHANGE. Things never stay the same and no political party will ever remain forever.

If the SLPP party members were hoping that the status quo will prevail then I’m afraid they will be disappointed. Just think back to how things were five years ago. The city of Freetown was dark, filthy, obnoxious, and disgraceful. Only naïve and ungrateful people will fail to acknowledge the accomplishments of President Koroma within the short period of time he has been in power.

The godsend leader in this APC government was the best gift the people of Sierra Leone ever had. The people of this country, Sierra Leone, were overwhelmed and they voted out the SLPP from power, asking and trusting President Koroma and the APC party to take over the affairs of the state.

Failure is not an option, as President Koroma loudly and clearly echoed in the ears both his ministers and civil servants. That send out the message that whoever is given a chance to be part of the SALONE CORPORATION, should be ready to be productive.

Also, there is always one outcome when running the affairs of state, and that is one either fails because of incompetence, or succeeds by delivering on the hopes and wishes of the people. Regrettably, former President Kabbah and his SLPP government ministers chose the option to fail, and now the people of Sierra Leone are paying the price through painful hardship, while they are all living luxurious lives with their families.

Before President Kabbah’s ministers attained their ministerial offices, these people were poor and had nothing but today, sadly for the people of Sierra Leone, these former SLPP ministers are basking in riches that were plundered from the coffers of our treasury. They continue to travel anywhere in world, live in some expensive mansions, drive luxurious cars and even their concubines are enjoying the plundered wealth. BUT JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING.

During the campaign, president Koroma was passionate about transparency and accountability, and when he took office he promised to run the affairs of the state like a business with him being the CEO. As the CEO he is accountable to the shareholders, the people of Sierra Leone. September 17, 2008 marked his one year anniversary, and look at what he has accomplished:


Within ninety days in power, president Koroma and the APC party brought back dignity and respect to the nation’s capital, Freetown, by providing uninterrupted electricity. For over eleven years the Kabbah SLPP government was incompetent and incapable of running the Ministry of Energy and Power efficiently thereby making Freetown the darkest city in the world. Every Sierra Leonean would be curious to know what were the impediments causing the inability to supply electricity to the nation’s capital.

The above fact is a clearly indication that the APC party is far better in governing Sierra Leone as opposed to the grand old party. The APC party has passion and feeling for the people, and above all it seeks the interest of the people at all times, unlike the SLPP which is comprised of crooks and dishonest politicians. CONGRATULATION PRESIDENT KOROMA F.OR JOB WELL DONE AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE APC.

Twelve months of rule by the APC brought complete peace and stability to the entire country. The influx of foreign and local investors and the attraction of tourists to Sierra Leone in an unprecedented manner is a living testament to the world that everlasting peace is finally in the land that we love. Under the SLPP government Sierra Leone was referred to as a fragile nation, Thank God the APC went all out under the astute leadership of President Koroma at allay those fears.HAPPY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO THE APC GOVERNMENT.

President Ernest Bai Koroma is indisputably the first president in the history of Sierra Leone to declare his assets. Isn’t that brave? Doesn’t he deserve a pat on the back for setting an historical precedent in a country and continent where corruption is the norm? I believe the only people that are worried are Pa Kabbah and his former ministers. The people of Sierra Leone are impressed and have trust and confidence that corruption will be minimized under the APC government. CONGRATULATIONS TO PA OBAI and THE APC.

Under the incompetent president Kabbah, the land that we love, Sierra Leone, was purely surviving on hand outs from donor countries and inflation was skyrocketing by the day, the exchange rate was out of control, our GDP was deflating like an inner tire, youth unemployment was becoming a menace to our society, but with the coming to power of president Koroma and the APC government, the economy is quickly recovering from life support.

In twelve months president Koroma was able to stabilize the economy and at the same time improve international confidence in our financial management. What great leadership and good governance. The APC came to power when the global market was at it ebb, this downturn was hitting every corner of the world, and Sierra Leone in particular felt the crunch very hard. Had it not been for the good leadership of President Koroma and the APC government the situation of Sierra Leoneans could have being far worse. President Koroma and the APC government must be extolled for subsidizing the cost of fuel and food in order to bail out the people. That is the true philosophy and core beliefs of President Koroma and the APC party.

Indeed all the above mentioned are accomplishments worth celebrating, and every Sierra Leonean should be proud of the APC and President Koroma for a job well done in twelve months, especially when the opposite side, I mean the SLPP was given the same opportunity for eleven years to do likewise, but because of greedy minds they disappointed the people and lost the respect of the international community.

To all those who are disgruntled and still in denial about the outcome of the election, my advice is stop laboring on a spilt milk and let us move forward as one nation and one people as the SLPP motto says. I was astounded and bewildered at the comments of the SLPP Secretary General when he stated that APC failed the first step by failing to reconcile the country. The Secretary General is emphatically wrong, and I will prove to him that the people of Sierra Leone are more united today under APC rule compared to its predecessor.

The only people who are trying to divide the nation are the SLPP hierarchy. With reference to the appointments, the president has no choice, especially looking at the dynamic composition of both parties. The majority of the APC supporters are from the Western Area and the Northern region, unlike the grand old party which has it bases in the South and East of the country.

What is the rationale behind the argument that President Koroma’s cabinet is not inclusive? That is absolute nonsense. Would “president Berewa” have appointed Victor Foh, a staunch APC supporter to serve in his administration? What a good wish Solo B’!

On a more serious note, I would like JJ and all those critics to come up with a hypothetical cabinet list that they believe will be representative of the entire nation, then we will take it from there. In my humble opinion, Mr. Saffa’s argument is unfounded and baseless, and secondly it makes no sense to give preference to some one who has spent his resources and energy to stop APC from winning the election over someone who would rather stay home than vote APC. We must commend the president for giving Dr. Lansana Nyalley, a diehard SLPP member an opportunity to serve his government as a Deputy Minister of Education. Those of us who live in the Washington DC metropolitan area knew this man very well. He is an academic, polite and very professional. I cannot say more on that.

Honestly, I did not stop giggling when I read all the charges against the APC by the able secretary general; the one that almost choked me with laughter is when he said that the twelve months of APC rule were marred by corruption and mismanagement. Is JJ serious? I will leave that with Mr. Tejan Cole, the CZAR of the ACC, since he was also accused by JJ of not doing his job.

The last straw that hit me on my back was when Mr. Saffa mentioned that people’s rights were being abused with impunity, and that fiscal indiscipline and reckless spending were the norm of the APC party, and the best example Mr. Secretary could come up with to substantiate his claim is 20 overseas trips. Give me a break JJ! Nonetheless, I will be most grateful if Mr. Saffa could come up with the total expenses of president Kabbah’s 20 overseas trips, and also should add any economic benefits from those trips. Hopefully, when the people of Sierra Leone look at both costs they will be able to determine if this charge is valid or just the usual witch hunt journalism from the SLPP cabal.

Further, when I looked at the combination of reports from all the SLPP supporters who gave their opinions on president Koroma’s first year in office, there was one common denominator which is to maliciously smear the good record of the APC and President Koroma. Some of these self style analysts have been in politics for ages, they are failures in every aspect of their life, so whatever they write does not have any impact on the socio-political achievements of the APC, and the truth is some of them are wasting their time in propagating a failed cause.

One of them stated that the large number of president Koroma’s appointees are corrupt based on public record, but, unfortunately, the large number he came up with are these innocent men: Kemoh Sesay, Alpha Kanu and AKK . Isn’t that ironical when the pot is calling the kettle black? With all due respect, public records can prove that the SLPP has more corrupt politicians compared to APC. There is no doubt that the APC politicians are not perfect, but they are far more honest and truthful in running the affairs of the state.

Let me cordially ask members of the SLPP this million dollar question: Was Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah not found guilty of corruption in 1967 by the Beoku-Betts Commission of inquiry? Was Alhaji Tejan Kabbah not barred for life from holding public office because of his dishonesty while he was Permanent Secretary at the Minister of Trade and Industry?

Yet, this was the man SLPP overwhelmingly supported to be the flag bearer in 1997 and 2002 elections, and then ended up ruling Sierra Leone for eleven painful and turbulent years under the banner of corruption. With all sincerity Pa Kabbah, should be named BORBOR BELLEH OF THE YEAR. Though he is a failed former president, I still respect him as a statesman. However, I hope every one understands that I am at liberty to express my opinion, an inalienable right which nobody has the right to question.

On a different note, it pleases me to announce the first year progress report of his Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC government. See the grades below, and these grades were determined based on an objective evaluation of the previous SLPP administration’s accomplishments in eleven years as opposed to APC’s one year reign. Also, additional pieces information were gathered from people around the country.



FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.....................B-

THE ECONOMY...........................................B-


FREEDOM OF THE PRESS............................A+


OVERALL PERFORMANCE...........................A-








*Abdul Bero Kamara (photo) is Secretary General of APC-North America.