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First Lady meets with Project HOPE Board of Directors

15 March 2019 at 16:52 | 2817 views


Sierra Leone’s First Lady (photo) met with Project HOPE Board of Directors, which include pharmaceutical and healthcare industry executives of the US.

The invitation of HE FMB was a follow-up to a visit that was facilitated by Mariam Sow in Freetown between the First Lady and Project HOPE’s CEO and President, Dr. Thomas Kenyon. At that meeting, the First Lady shared her vision of her hospital project.

Mariam Sow, had encouraged the First Lady to invite Project HOPE as a partner (based on their experience) in helping with a professional and informed feasibility study and also in identifying possible partners, such as potential donors and or teaching hospitals in the US.

HE FMB thanked Project HOPE for their life saving work in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis, for their decision to stay in Sierra Leone after the Ebola epidemic and conducting several feasibility studies by world renown experts before deciding to stay in Sierra Leone and concentrate on working with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and other stakeholders, such as UNICEF on neo natal training techniques.

She also commended Project HOPE for their focus on maternal and child health care, which is among the biggest need in Sierra Leone.
First Lady made a passionate plea on her vision and commitment to this cause and other gender and women empowerment initiatives, including her “Hands of our Girls” initiative.

HE FMB expressed her desire to strengthen the continuous partnership between Project HOPE and the Government of Sierra Leone in the most transparent manner.

Part of the meeting was to tour a Healthcare facility in the US.
The CEO of Children’s Hospital gave HE FMB a tour of the hospital in Washington DC. HE FMB also made the case for partnership with renowned health institutions such as the Children’s Hospital. Her message was well received.

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