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Elizabeth Joko Johnson is new APC-Manitoba president

19 October 2016 at 03:06 | 1981 views

By PV Staff.

A new president of the APC-Manitoba Chapter has emerged after a consultative meeting and election were held last Saturday October 15 in Winnipeg, capital of Manitoba in Western Canada. She is Madam Elizabeth Joko Johnson.

The meeting was presided over by APC-Canada Chairman Mohamed Son Samura and some members of the national executive including first Vice Chairman Abdul Kareem Kamara, Organizing Secretary, Peter Ansumana Koroma, Secretary-General Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara and Treasurer Modibo Lymon.

APC-Canada Publicity Secretary Gibril G. Koroma could not make the trip due to a very tight schedule at his base in Vancouver. The same could be said of other executive members in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton but the general sentiment is that the branch executive were ably represented by Son and the other members who made the trip to Winnipeg for the historic event.

Plans to put in place a new executive at APC-Manitoba had been in the pipe-line for quite some time and everybody at the meeting in Manitoba last Saturday was pleased and excited about the new executive headed by Madam Johnson, a highly respected APC activist in Winnipeg.

Here is what Chairman Samura had to say about the event:

" The banner of our great party was set high in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saturday, 15th of October, 2016. Our resolve to achieve a viable Diaspora Branch was realized. I am happy to report to all comrades in Canada, Sierra Leone and elsewhere that all outstanding issues connected with the Manitoba Chapter have been finally resolved. A new and historic president and executive have been elected. "

"On behalf of the leadership and executive of the APC Canada Branch, we register our congratulations to the elected president of the Manitoba Chapter, Madam Elizabeth Joko Johnson. Manitobans have rekindled our faith in the values of our party. They came in one accord to add value in what makes us " a resilient people" as president Ernest Koroma often says. Comrades, our delegation is returning from this momentous trip. We have taken a step further to building a vibrant chapter. We shall soon provide you the list of newly elected executive members of the Manitoba chapter. We look forward to working with you all here in Manitoba. Thank you."

Photo, left to right (seated) : Mark Mangay Turay, Peter Ansumana Koroma, Madam President, Elizabeth Joko Johnson; H. E. Chairman Sean Samura; and Vice Chairman 1, Abdul Kareem Kamara. Standing from left to right:
Hon. Ibrahim Badamasie Kamara (alias Knana Kanthe), Sheik Alusine Mohamed Sankoh Yillah, Dauda A. Konteh, Alieu Sesay, Yahya Kagbanda (alias Victor Foh), Hassan Mansaray, Abu Mangay Turay and Gibrilla Koroma (Jr.).
Back row: Modibo Lymon; and John Ballah Bangura.

On the highway, driving to Winnipeg from Toronto. Right to left: APC-Canada Treasurer Modibo Lymon, Chairman Son Samura and Bassie Kargbo of APC-Ontario Chapter.

Arrival in Winnipeg, left to right: Secretary-General Ibrahim Kamara (Knana Kanthe), Bassie Kargbo and Chairman Son Samura.