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Electricity: After Freetown, the provinces

21 December 2007 at 20:04 | 1584 views

By Alpha R. Jalloh Patriotic Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief.

A 15 megawatt generator is now being installed at the National Power Authority’s power station in Freetown.

The city was thrown into frenzied jubilation as a couple of generators were transported to the Kingtom power station, the main generating plant in the city.

Freetown, the capital and seat of government has been without light for years making it probably the darkest city in the world.

During his inauguration, President Koroma pledged to make electricity his priority as it would attract investors, aid local entrepreneurs and enhance the livelihood of the people.

The lack of electricity supply has caused local entrepreneurs including the media to spend a huge chunk of their revenue on fuel over the years. It has apparently led to a hike in the cost of goods and services and incidentally in the cost of living.

Not all parts of Freetown are receiving light at the moment as the installation of the generators is still in progress.

The minister of Energy and Power Haja Afsatu Kaba says plans are underway to rehabilitate the electricity supply of major provincial towns.She recently disclosed that 500 mega watts of electricity are needed to cover the whole country.

Meanwhile, the government has secured funding for the construction of the Matotoka-Makeni highway and the Kailahun road leading to the once buoyant business center of Koindu near the Liberian border. The construction of the road is expected to enhance the resumption of cross -border trade with Guinea and Liberia through Koindu.

Photo: Bumbuna dam.

Photo credit: Operation classroom.