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Dr Bobson Sesay passes on

6 November 2017 at 05:43 | 2249 views

By Sanpha Sesay,Dallas, USA and Gibril Koroma, Toronto, Canada.

Popular educationist and politician Dr. Bobson Sesay (photo), a native of Yele in the northern province passed away recently in Freetown, Sierra Leone..

He worked at the Ministry of Education, New England Ville for a greater part of his life. During this period, many youths from all over the country got scholarships, under his patronage, to study within and out of Sierra Leone.

Dr Bobson Sesay broke barriers and the stereotype "APC for Northerners and SLPP for South-Easterners" by serving the country as Minister of Lands under the late Tejan Kabah’s SLPP government.

He was a visionary who knew much earlier that if we cut down our forests and construct houses everywhere in Freetown, the rains will be angry, and will eventually take revenge on us by means of a mudslide.

To avert that pending catastrophe, Dr Sesay took measures against houses that were built on dangerous and illegal pieces of land in Freetown.

He was also at one time principal of the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood secondary and one of the founding members of the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Society.