Dear Comrades

17 August 2008 at 19:56 | 679 views

By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, Maryland, USA.

My dear Comrades,

I would like to address myself, in this epistle, to all APC members in North America, and the rest of you in the diaspora, who are too afraid to come out from the shadows as true APC supporters, and to those who declared for the APC party after the 2007 general elections maybe just to gain recognition or to the ones who are really hungry for power.

Again, to those of you who say you want to stand up for the interests of the APC Party: I am here to let you know that, I will be vying for the Public Relations Officer position for the APC North America.

I was asked to step in to transform the image of this great party in North America. However, I am asking some of you(you know yourselves) to stop deceiving yourselves, stop ridiculing the press, stop trying to run my life, stop trying to take away my freedom of expression and stop endangering me and the others who are dedicated to the APC party. Send your own articles for publication to prove yourselves.

I was born in Kambia, Kambia District, the son of the late Pa Thaim Kurugba. I know that some of you have never met me, you don’t even know me and you don’t even know that I do exist. I am not a famous politician. I am not rich and not powerful, but a Real Estate Consultant and Vice President and CEO for a Maryland based Non Profit Organization with an approved 501(c) (3).

I am one of the Sierra Leoneans that you are backbiting. I am one of the sons of the soil that you think are too boorish to know what is best for my political party. I am one of the little persons that you think have to be led around by greedy and self centered politicians like you. I am also one of the little people that, as far as you are concerned, don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

I am one of the gentlemen that believe in things like moral values, freedom, kindness, helping others, fair play, courtesy, manners, dignity, respect, caring for one’s family, etc. I am one of the patriots and I love my country, my people and my government. I believe in my country and I am proud to be a Sierra Leonean.

I am also one of the APC members in the diaspora that celebrate the Independence Anniversary annually. I am an APC member who has some broadminded beliefs. I dislike some political extremists as much as I dislike the uncompromising ones. I believe in God but I don’t believe in trying to force everyone or anyone else into believing in God. I believe in freedom of speech (as long as it doesn’t harm anyone) and I believe in freedom of thought.

Even though I am an APC supporter, I have always voted for the best person for the job. I have, in the past, voted for the APC party only. I may dislike some of these political extremists but these extremists, to be honest, scare the heck out of me. The few undecided politicians and those that support clandestine movements must be checked or stopped, if not, it will cause the downfall of other political figures.

I am fed up, hopefully like many others, with you trying to tell others what to think, when to think, and how to think, what to write, what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I am fed up with your use of lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and mockery. I am fed up with your use of political connections and sycophancy, to spread your lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and derision, in order to gain control over the rest of us.

I am fed up with some of you, fed up with your puppets disparaging our government. When you ridicule the government, you are provoking the nation and thereby giving fuel to our detractors and enemies. This endangers our APC party, loved ones and therefore scares me. I am fed up with you questioning the style of my publications. I know who you are, the state you live in and your email address. I will soon ridicule you. All you are doing is aiding our enemies by making them believe your stories. I am fed up with you people who attempt to force the appeasement of our opponents and others who would like nothing better than to witness our demise in North America. This endangers our political party and therefore scares me.

Fed up? Yes, I am fed up with your fighting for political rights and political power while ignoring the rights of our political victims in our society. Your endeavor to make our political victims heroes, out of their political misfortune, was a nave idea. It also endangers our loved ones and that scares me. The only thing that scares me more is that many people in this North America are buying into rumors, lies and propaganda because they don’t know anything about my political background.

Finally, Sierra Leone is a great country and there may still be time to respect our elected leaders and the rule of law in our nation. We have to use a little logic and start thinking for ourselves. We have to start teaching our new political members to think for themselves and not to believe everything they see and hear from losers. Most of all, we have to start speaking out. We have to start selecting dedicated members who deserve positions, not just for what we believe or someone’s brand family name we don’t believe in. We have to start paying attention to what is going on around us and we have to start sticking up for ourselves and for our way of life. Thank you very much.