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Culture Radio in top gear on environment protection campaign

By  | 2 July 2019 at 06:54 | 1610 views

Honouring the clarion call to collective responsibility for the protection of the environment globally and West Africa particularly as the media takes centre stage, CULTURE RADIO 104.5 FM in Freetown popularly known as the "People’s Station, "voice for the voiceless" is in top gear on the Environment Protection Campaign within and outside the studios by embarking on the monthly live outside broadcast Debate on Environmental issues.

The most recent one is on Thursday June 27, 2019 in the Civil Service Training College on Tower Hill, State Avenue, Freetown,Sierra Leone, an extension of the radio programme " Tok waitin dae morna u" ( speak your mind on burning issues) ’ impact of waste on the environment’.

That Stakeholders Debate on the Impact of waste on the environment attracted participants from Fomel Industry and National Industralisation Centre ( FINIC) Managing Director Mr. Foday Melvin Kamara , Fourah Bay College- University of Sierra Leone, Environment Protection Agency( EPA) Office of the President, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Freetown City Council, Slum Dwellers Association, Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, Flood Victims, Media and Civil Society organisations and local chiefs.

Father Elijah Mohamed Issa Gegra (photo) is the Executive Director. He emphasised deforestation, waste management, in-depth nationwide education on environmental issues by duty bearers and also to know the causes of environmental disasters. FINIC Managing Director Mr. Foday Melvin Kamara disclosed that he has invented technology that transforms plastics into diesel, petrol and kerosene. He also shed light on biomass.