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CSFDarfur in Partnership with Oxfam

By  | 28 December 2005 at 03:18 | 524 views

CSFDarfur is officially working in partnership with Oxfam Canada. Robert
Fox, Executive Director for Oxfam Canada, has said that Oxfam has set up a
fund called the "Canadian Students Darfur Appeal".

For receipting purposes cheques or payments must be made payable to Oxfam
Canada, while for tracking purposes the name Canadian Students Darfur Appeal
must appear on the cheque or payment. Donations made over the phones must
also designate the Canadian Students Darfur Appeal. All donations collected
will go to this fund less relevant costs to fundraising events, bank charges
or other overhead costs.

Oxfam Canada will use donations for the CSD Appeal less 10 per cent retained
as a contribution to operations and overhead to support Oxfam’s humanitarian
work in Darfur.

Visitors to Oxfam Canada’s web site will have the option of designating
their contribution for the Canadian Students Darfur Appeal or for our
own ongoing Darfur appeal. CSFDarfur will place a link to Oxfam’s website to
allow donors who want to make big donations and require tax deductible
receipts to donate to the CSD appeal housed by Oxfam directly.

Oxfam will provide monthly reports on the funds received in support of the
CSD Appeal, noting those made online, by phone or by mail. As well, Oxfam
will provide information to Canadian Students for Darfur every six months or
so on the use of the funds.

NOTE: Donations by cheque or by phone can be made now, however, the online
donations to the CSD Appeal will be possible in Jan. as Oxfam is setting up
the page for this. Our own donations page online remains active.

Last week, STAND Canada launched its "A Vote for Darfur" campaign. Too
often, vital foreign policy issues are ignored during election campaigns.
The goal of A Vote for Darfur is to make sure that Darfur stays firmly on
politicians’ radar as Canada heads to the polls on January 23.

We need your help to make the campaign a success.

Here’s what you can do right now to make a difference:

5) If you are interested in helping further with this campaign, email us at

Thank you very much! The STAND team wishes you a happy and safe holiday


Dear Concerned Canadian,

The crisis in Darfur, Sudan has been called the "worst humanitarian crisis
in the world" by the United Nations. Since February 2003, 400,000 people
have died and 2.5 million are currently displaced due to the aggression and
crimes of the government of Sudan and janjaweed militias. The Canadian
government has the ability to make a difference for the people of Darfur,
but it has not yet felt the public pressure to do so.

As Canada heads to the polls, candidates should know that there will be
political consequences for inaction.

Please join STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur) Canada, Canadian
Students for Darfur, the Genocide Intervention Network, STAND US, and many
others in ensuring that Darfur stays on the radar screen of all candidates
this election.

Photo: Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada