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Cotton Tree Magazine Raffle Draw

16 February 2006 at 23:42 | 407 views

Press Release

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Raffle draw winner gets free return flight to Freetown

Adding more excitement to the launching ceremony of one of Sierra Leone’s fantastic magazines, the editor of The Cotton Tree is pleased to announce that the winner of the raffle draw will get a free airline return ticket to Freetown - this free ticket is courtesy of Kelvin McPhillips travel, terms and conditions apply.

Unisa Dizo-Conteh welcomes the move by Mr Kevin McPhillips saying “ this will make the event more exciting and rewarding.” The ticket would not be used in the month of December.

During the launch of this edition of The Cotton Tree magazine at Aylesbury Youth Centre, Off Thurlow Street, Inville Walk, London SE17 2HY, on Sunday February 19, 16.00 - 20.00, a great raffle draw will be held and the lucky winner will receive prize of a copy of the magazine and a free return flight to Freetown.

Mr Mcphillips, widely known, throughout the Sierra Leone communities worldwide for providing non stop flights between Freetown and London, will also be speaking at the event.

Raffle tickets would be sold at £1 each. One hopeful attendee said: “Clearly, you are more likely to win the airline ticket if you bought more raffle tickets.”