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Conclave’s Steak Party Taking Winnipeg by Storm

21 February 2008 at 22:27 | 1232 views

By Lans Omar, Winnipeg.

The Palomino Club strongly looks like the best place to go for all Sierra Leoneans and other nationals in Winnipeg, Canada, on Saturday February 23rd, 2008 as the Golden Conclave hosts their first annual steak party in the city.

From Pembina to Regent, Downtown Winnipeg to St. James, the word is all over the place.

"I just can’t miss it," Farida Kamara who is visiting from Calgary city, Canada, told me in a brief conversation. "I heard you guys are doing great here," the young woman said.

Preparations for the night according to the group’s P.R.O., Ken Abu Kamara, are going as planned. Tickets sales have skyrocketed. "This is going to be a classy evening for everyone," the group’s former president confirmed.

Alfred Koineh (pictured) is the newly elected Chairman of the Golden Conclave. He’s a member of Amnesty International, a former National Chairman of National Coalition for Anti-deportation Campaigns in the UK. He was also a former member of the Board of Trustees for Oxford Refugee Resource and was a strong advocate for refugees and asylum seekers in Oxford and the UK before moving to Canada. A man that believes in unity and progress and a firm believer in social justice issues. Also a former Board member of Newfoundland and Labrador Multicultural Association.

Amidst his busy schedule, he managed to give me a few moments of his time to talk about the most awaited night of the winter season in the community.

Please read on:

Lans Omar: When were you elected as president of Conclave?

Alfred Koineh: I was elected as chairman of Sierra Ambassadors of Manitoba (SAM) -Golden Conclave in November 2007 and the official handing over from the past executive was in December 2007.

Lans: What are some of the preparations for the Bud, Spud & Steak party?

Alfred: Preparations for the Bud, Spud and Steak party involved initial discussions between SAM’s PRO and Palamino Staff i.e, partnership strategies for fund raising, meeting with our members to discuss the opportunity of partnership and getting their approval. The social committee working together to put plans in place i.e advertisement, promotion of the event, printing and sale of tickets and ongoing communication between SAM and Palamino staff.

The dinner will start at 6pm to 9pm, and we’ll dance plus other entertainment till 2am.

Lans: Some people are a little bit skeptical about the time (6pm - 9pm) for the dinner, is the party over at the time or we going to continue to party till the 2am.?

Alfred: The bud, spud and steak party starts at 6:00PM and runs up to 9:00PM; that is why we are encouraging friends and supporters of SAM to be there at 6PM so that we could start on time and have the club to ourselves for three hours. The party will go on until the club closes but it will be open to the general public after 9:00pm.

Lans: Besides the Beach party coming up in July, is there any other plans/activities for 2008?

Alfred: Plans for the beach party and other community and fund raising activities would be discussed after the bud, spud and steak party. The community would be advised in due course.

Lans: Do you have a message for the people out there?

Alfred: Our message to the people is centred on the principles and philosophy of SAM and these are family unity, togetherness, progressiveness and development, education and community support and furture plans for partnership grass root organisations in Sierra Leone with respect to community development projects.