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Clarification Notice from APC-Canada Branch

11 July 2017 at 21:46 | 892 views

Clarification Notice:

Sierra Leone comes first before all else, and in Canada, APC Canada Branch is the Supreme Governing Body, as far as the political truth is concerned. In politics, it’s advisable to always support what’s right and the right thing to do is to respect the authority of the APC Party’s Constitution here in Canada.

According to the APC Party Constitution "Article 6 and Chapter 9, sub-section 3 e; f; g & h", all of which maintain that the leadership of the Party (National Delegates Conference or it’s representative) can "select, elect, endorse, create or appoint" any position of authority within the party, at home or abroad, depending on the given situation at a given time.

The above explanation implies that the Hon. Chairman of the APC Canada Branch, Mr. Mohamed Sean Samura, is the unequivocal Constitutional Leader of the the All People’s Congress (APC) Party in the Sovereign State of Canada.

Subsequently, I’m advising all true members of the APC Party to stop the vague, enigmatic and inscrutable assumptions that will take the party nowhere.

For those who are guilty of the negative rantings, please stop the fussing, occult and sphinx-like premises and let’s work together for the good and success of the Party we love so dearly. It’s never too late for a positive change. Together, we can move mountains for our beloved All Peoples Congress Party.

Long live the APC Canada Branch, and long live the APC Party.

Mark Mangay Turay
Assist. Secretary General
APC Canada Branch

Mark Mangay Turay