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Charles Margai Arrested Again!

By  | 8 December 2005 at 02:14 | 627 views

Freetown and Bo, the two largest cities in Sierra Leone are reportedly in a state of extreme tension as news of the arrest, once again, of the leader of the PMDC,(a yet to be registered political party) Charles Margai swept the two cities.

Margai, who is fast becoming the greatest political challenge to the ruling SLPP was picked up earlier today by police officers in Freetown and taken to CID headquarters where a throng of his supporters quickly gathered, chanting war songs, according to eye witness reports from the capital. Our latest information is that Margai is being taken to Bo in a convoy of about twenty police vehicles. His supporters in Bo are said to be already on the alert and gathering at different spots in the city awaiting the arrival of the convoy.

Sources in Freetown say Charles, whose arrest had been anticpated for several days by his supporters, has been charged with among other things, conspiracy and ten other counts. He will appear in court in Bo tomorrow.

The charges result from a recent incident in Bo involving his supporters and those of Vice President Berewa.He was briefly arrested then.

More on this story later.

Photo: Margai, Sierra Leone’s defacto opposition leader, being led away during his arrest in Freetown earlier today.

Photo Credit: Awareness Times, Freetown.