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SLPP’s amateur and local road measurement team

13 September 2016 at 03:19 | 1349 views


By Knana Kanthe, Canada.

Today, a small group of elites have come up with a plan. A plan to measure the vast road network in Sierra Leone, constructed by His Excellency the President and his team.

These elites will be travelling across the country on a mapping exercise, even as far as Kailahun which was abandoned by their party, the SLPP. Kailahun was only relevant for ballot stuffing. Why would these elites want to measure our massive road network?

I see Mamba TV leading this exercise. How equipped are the people that are doing this exercise? Do they have tripods? Do they have the basic engineering tools to do road measurement? What kind of equipment will these guys be using? Or as elites they will be cruising in jeeps and then manufacture figures as they have always done... Maybe let’s wait for their report because we expect them to also provide details of their rough work.

Why now ? Why would the SLPP and Mamba TV want to do measurement of our national road network? How could they measure roads when they have never constructed a single road? Since 1950 the SLPP has never constructed an inch of road. What makes them the best to measure roads?

Well, maybe they like gravy jobs. Why not ask the Ministry of Works instead of travelling around? They will have to measure electricity and water and infrastructure and other massive developments too.