Bravo Dr. Christiana Thorpe

26 September 2007 at 05:52 | 616 views

Claudio Brima Kamara,Somerset, New Jersey,USA.

I admire you, Dr. Christiana Thorpe for a job well done. You have proved to the people of Sierra Leone and the world in general that you are a true patriot. This will go down in history and will tell generations yet unborn that you conducted one of the most free, fair and transparent elections in our country.

I stand to be corrected, but most Sierra Leoneans will agree with me that this is the most free and fair elections we have ever held since independence from Britain. It goes without saying that you are the type of people we need in Sierra Leone to hold positions of trust and not the James Jonahs and the Walter Nicols.

I believe that you were faced with some problems from the party that appointed you as Chief Electoral Commissioner. However, you say NO to whatever game they wanted you to play, to ensure that the people of Sierra Leone elect the president of their choice. Indeed, what you have done will serve as a role model not only to other electoral commissioners in Africa, but in other parts of the world.
You have made me proud of you and my country . For the past seven years, I have lost hope for our country, but you have revived my hopes again that Sierra Leone will regain its lost glory. May God continue to bless and guide you in all your endeavours.

Congratulations President Ernest Bai Koroma on your recent victory in the just concluded presidential elections and welcome to the highest office in our country. Indeed, it was a very contested elections as the people were faced with two alternatives, that is "continuity" or "change" and what happened on September 8th is a clear indication that the people prefer the latter.

Mr. President, it is no secret that there are many tasks ahead of you. Since last year, I have been praying for a Moses to lead us. A Moses who will not be a party to corruption. A Moses who will accept positive criticism for the development of our country. A Moses who will be answerable to the people who elected him and not one who will be a dictator. A Moses who will allow a free and vibrant press and not one who will suppress the media. A Moses who will respect the rule of law. Mr. President, are you the Moses that I was praying for? If you are, I thank God for answering my prayers.

President Koroma, you will agree with me that the expectations of the people are high and they have suffered for long as you mentioned in your speech during your swearing-in ceremony. It is a fact that all the promises during your campaign will not be fulfilled in a year, but the basic amenities should be made availabe to the average Sierra Leonean.

You should be aware also of those "political prostitutes", who will be coming around you singing praises and blaming "satan" for the path they choose during the elections. You should also be aware of the "old" APC advisers or Ministers who also served in the out going government. They failed us woefully and we dont want them to serve us anymore. Former President Momoh was a nice gentleman (May His Soul Rest In Peace), but his advisers never advise him in the interest of the country. We are expecting you to appoint a cabinet that will live up to expectations. A cabinet that will be held responsible for any wrong doing.

I hope if members of your cabinet did not perform, you will fire them and not be like your predecessor who hardly make a reshuffle, though the country was going from bad to worse with corrpution.You should also be aware of your APC executives who are presently in Freetown from the United States or Europe. Though they did effective fundraising activities on behalf of your party in the U.S. and elsewhere, they are now expecting a kick back for a job well done. Some of them have failed abroad and dont have anything good to offer the people of Sierra Leone. I want you to watch them.

President Koroma, I doff my hat to you for what you said about corruption during your swearing-in ceremony recently and I quote" My government will deal with zero tolerance on corruption and mismanagement of state resources". However, inorder to achive this objective, I would advise that you declare your assets to the public as this will be a stepping stone in the right direction. Your cabinet ministers, heads of parastatals, ambassadors, permanent secretaries, members of parliament should also declare their assets. This will give confidence to the people of Sierra Leone that you mean business .

You should also remember that the people of Sierra Leone are no longer fools. They are now aware and what happened on September 8th can prove that. Remember that 2012 is coming. Though it is five years away, but it will come.
Again, Bravo Dr. Thorpe and welcome President Koroma.

Photo: Dr. Christiana Thorpe.