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Boxing is a Noble Art

By  | 1 June 2015 at 09:55 | 2987 views

Boxing is a noble art. It’s also a business, just like any other business. It’s no longer just a sport, demanding a lot of strength, skill and the ability to absorb pain from its participants. It reminds me of the gladiators of the Roman Empire with the significant difference that those gladiators never got paid for their efforts. No insurance, nothing.

Boxing, to me, is a noble sport, the greatest, not for cowards and sissies. Not for useless freeloaders and totally useless talkers. Boxing is about talking less and doing things in the arena of life. Boxing is about overcoming odds, prejudices, discrimination and racism right there in the spotlight for the world to see. It’s about asserting and affirming who you are without being constrained by the agents of discrimination and racism and general exploitation.

In the boxing ring there is no discrimination or racism. It’s all about the survival of the fittest and the most skillful. Boxing, like other martial arts, is not just about strength but fundamentally about skill. How to avoid extremely painful blows, how to deliver extremely painful blows. How to maintain friendship after a fierce battle. Most boxers maintain life-long friendship with their opponents in various encounters. Just like soldiers, lawyers, politicians and other "battle professionals" normally do.

Some people think boxing is just some stupid and mindless pastime. It’s not. You can see boxing (if you really open your eyes) in all spheres of life: politics, business, art, the Law, the medical profession and so on and so forth. It’s everywhere, it’s about surviving.

This brings me to the recent epic boxing encounter between the Philippines’ Manny Pacquiao (Pac-Man) and the United States’ Floyd "Money Machine" Mayweather. That was a great battle and I immensely enjoyed it as a boxing fan for many reasons among which are:

It brought into worldwide focus two great fighters from humble backgrounds that have managed to "beat the system", transforming themselves from dirt-poor hoipoilloi into multi-millionaires, richer than most of their privileged and highly educated compatriots many of whom are now their employees. They have also worked hard (nothing was delivered to them on a silver or golden platter) while maintaining a positive attitude as they faced various and several challenges. Books and articles about them should be read by younger folks to know how to achieve success. It’s all about resilience, determination and hard work while maintaining a positive view of life.

For me,therefore, boxing is the Ultimate Leveller. That’s how I see it. It’s also great entertainment. Here is Pac-Man and Money Mayweather doing what they like to do and what they are good at. And please do not disrespect them because they do not have university degrees, okay?