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Becoming a Sierra Leonean

17 February 2021 at 00:44 | 1060 views

By Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter

Becoming a Sierra Leonean citizen as a Black American of the diaspora
is a moment of "stand still" in time.

I have always dreamed of my ancestors’ journey and what better way to reverence them than to come home? Sierra Leone is a jewel. I am blessed to be of Temne heritage.

And my babies, Isra (6) and Naum (5), are as well. They have grown up
on the continent and are free to be exactly who God has intended -
young Sierra Leonean men who are of the youngest diasporans to be
granted citizenship and passports in this way. While my dad is
Gabonese, I will make time to explore that ancestry as well. But, for
now, being Sierra Leonean through my maternal lineage is an honor and
is much appreciated and I look forward to my contributions to the
country and to my people.

I am so thankful to President Bio and the rest of the government (including the Monuments and Relics Commision) for acknowledging us and our birthright. Thank you so very much.

May all be blessed. I thank you too, Patriotic Vanguard, for featuring us
once-again, in addition to my books. I am a proud Temne woman. Thank
you so much.

We are home.