From the Editor’s Keyboard

Be patriotic and pay the toll fee

29 June 2017 at 00:10 | 1671 views

By David Y. Worry, Freetown.

If drivers can book each day to Drivers Union, book to implicitly bribe police officers manning their route for NO good cause; undergo expensive repairs and maintenance on their vehicles; pay some pittance to boys filling potholes; why should they shy away from or resist paying a toll tax when the roads have been expanded to make their movement faster and easier, their vehicles more durable, the country more attractive; more casual and permanent employment to fellow citizens; direct taxes to government; technological intuition to country men et al?

Have you ever imagined that without the expansion of the Wellington-Waterloo-Masiaka highway at this critical time the most populous part of Freetown would have become a hard reach area with complete traffic congestion in a year’s time?

Just feel the traffic on Sundays in that part of the city and imagine what it could have become in a year’s time.

You will then agree with me that it’s worth paying a toll tax.

Be patriotic!

Pay the toll tax!