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Bassie Kargbo in Sanda Tenraran

19 April 2017 at 08:53 | 1231 views

Bassie Kargbo from Thunder Bay, Canada, commonly known as Junior M.B.R has done it again.

Once again Bassie has demonstrated his ability to inspire the youths in his community in constituency 34, Sanda Tenraran Chiefdom, Bombali district, northern Sierra Leone.

The youth came out in large numbers when asked to do community development work. Over 70 youths came out to construct the road by filling pot holes and more from Madina to Rogbin.

This project will continue next Saturday April 22. Bassie also supplied 10 Jerseys to 10 football teams, four trophies and footballs in Rononkoh Village on their Easter Celebration.

According to Bassie, paying attention to the youths is very important because they are the future leaders. Helping them realize their dreams is Bassie’s main concern. On April 28, 29, and 30, the Bassie Kargbo (Junior M.B.R) 2017 football gala will be held in three towns in Sanda Tenraran Chiefdom - Mateboi on the 28, Makomray on the 29, and Rogboreh on the 30.

There will be eight teams and he will be supplying football gear to each team.