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Barack Obama makes history

5 June 2008 at 20:46 | 1744 views


By Jean Jacques Bosco, PV Special Correspondent, Vancouver, Canada.

On June 03, 2008, in St Paul, Minnesota, after 16 months of a long lasting primary presidential campaign, Senator Barack Obama has announced his bid to become the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee.

This most definitely has become one of the greatest moments not only in African American history but political history as well.

Mr. Obama with his wife, Michelle and his two daughters, Sacha and Malia, were happy to announce to all Americans and to the whole World that they will stand up for them and represent them in the White House in 2009.

It is up to the Americans to “choose to listen to their greatest hope and change” said Barack Obama.

In his brilliant speech, the alumni of the prestigious Harvard Law School and Illinois senator started his vibrant
speech by honourably thanking his grandmother, who raised him while he was growing up in Hawaii, his loving
family, his dedicated campaign organizers, his faithful friends, his loyal supporters, the people, and his opponent,
Senator Hilary Clinton and her family.

In short, Obama’s glorious speech can be summarized by his own words: “THIS IS OUR TIME”. Once again,
he is inviting the new generation and other Americans who are tired of Bush’s dumb policies and Washington’s
politics and business affairs to take their destiny into their own hands and help him bring change to Washington.

During his eloquent speech, he avaoided saying he will take Hillary Clinton as his running mate. There have been tension
and divisions within the Democratic Party amongst the two leaders’ supporters; however, there is no doubt that the
party will come together soon after cooling down from the long and stressful sixteen months of campaigning.

Only then, will they engage in discussions between the winning and the losing candidates in the coming days
because the loser is still campaigning.

On the other hand, while speaking to her supporters and acknowledging her dismal results, Senator Hillary
Clinton implied she would accept the Vice-Presidential offer if it was proposed to her.

I doubt that she will get
it but in politics, even alliances with your foes are possible. Politics is a game of change, “ l’art de rendre sa
viellesse en enfance”, as my dad used to say.

The great news is of course, Barack Obama, the son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother of
Kansas has now become an international hero, a friend to the younger generation.

He also has become the
symbol for hope and change for men and women not only from the richest and powerful country of the world (United
States of America) the most powerful country of the entire world from South Africa to Norway, from Los Angeles to China.

Barack Obama! This man has made history for the good of mankind. Long live Barack Obama!

Photos: Senator Barack Obama(top) and Jean Jacques Bosco.