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Baby Kay & Bob Umar’s Wedding - It’s Glamour and Glamour!

4 August 2008 at 23:46 | 1890 views

By Lans Omar, Winnipeg, Canada.

In his opening sermon, Pastor Greg of Central Baptist Church in Winnipeg, the officiating clergy who sealed the marriage vows of Baby Kaby & Bob Umar was spellbound.

He wasted no time in front of all the guests who attended the marriage ceremony to announce that: ’this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.’

Pastor Greg continued: ’It’s not even about the bride and groom, look at these beautiful people......em, it’s just gorgeous.’

August 1, 2008, Winnipeg, Canada. Bob Umar had waited all his life for this day, this very moment, nothing could have been better.

It was a gloomy August morning, the weather was a little bit threatening but it was beautiful all day long. And by 2pm that afternoon, Baby Kay and Bob were officially pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Umar before God and man.

The guests list was drawn from all over the place.
Carlos ’Valdarama’ Kalokoh is a long time friend of the Umars. He’s was one of the guests that travelled from the United States to grace the occasion. ’This is what I expected,’ Kalokoh told me briefly after the ceremony.

Later that evening, a lavish reception dinner was thrown at the prestigious Marigold restaurant.

Bernadette Musa travelled all the way from Chicago, U.S.A. She was totally impressed by the entire set up of the wedding party; the African attire, the bridesmaids and everything as a whole.

D.J. Ali De Nazer is arguably the best Sierra Leonean D.J. in Canada, the dancehall lyricist has been in this business for over a decade to date. He was the D.J. at the wedding dance and he proved once again he can get people off their feet as soon as he starts flinging the vibes.
De Nazer was in total control of the evening and all the guests were just too happy song after song.

Photos, top to bottom: The bride and friends, the bridegroom, friends of the bridegroom and well wishers, a scene at the church service and three young African-Canadians at the ceremony.