Are the human gods crazy, mad or insane?

24 August 2007 at 21:30 | 564 views

By Sorie Jawara

One of the insulting episodes in politics is the boldness of "politickers" who ask for a second chance in office so they will add more to our problems and make things worse for more people. They hang onto to the doctrine that poor people are slaves and they have the curse of God. They become blind, senseless and cruel. They steal democracy and use it as a tool to misrule and destroy the lives of so many people. We know God created man and we know man created indirect slavery for his personal gain and demagogic selfishness.

Many African politicians adopted the unwanted doctrine by positioning themselves as leaders and bloodsuckers, which is a shameful and malicious act. These devils’ eagerness to have the world under their dirty wings and have humans crawling under the scorpion’s tail is disgusting.

How can politickers claim Africanism when they do not have African socialism in them? Greed, malice, and all for one have wiped out love and sharing. They see only themselves as the blessed ones in the families they find themselves. No brother or sister. No uncle or Aunt. No neighbor or friend. Black on black imperialism and exploitation of man by man. A crazy superior breed concept.

Converting public property to personal property is unwarranted. Sierra Leone is not a personal property for any one group of people. Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans must not be captured and placed in captivity for personal gain.

We don’t want to go back to the days when crazy naked white men captured Africa and Africans and made the continent and the people their property. Partition of Africa, the crazy deal.

The message poliitckers must receive is do not take what belongs to all of us and play foolishness. Our eyes are wide open and we can see.

Read and Understand.
Perching, as super human gods and grabbing all for one will lead to violent revolution and severe disaster.

Our problems in Sierra Leone are many.

Leaderships must understand and know the problems and effect solutions to minimize the agony of the people.

Eradicate poverty is a slogan we heard from politickers since the birth of the nation as an independent nation. This dream still remains in dark shadows. The land of milk and honey is still in a bloody mess. The poilictkers designed and carved a nation for themselves including those who worship them.

Unscrupulous deeds, cannibalism, destruction of lives and property and bleeding of the virgins became their standing orders.

Unwarranted diseases, poverty, starvation, ruthless immoral conduct, poor sanitation, poor education, massive exploitation and many other important issues prevail in high percentage.

Academism, militarism, Hoi Koi and bookism have failed. Unwarranted economic stagnation and strangulation, bleeding hearts and sores in every city, town and village.

Death toll is increasing daily and intestines passing out blood ceaselessly.

The new gospel song - is - Give us a second chance.We will not fail the second time. Is this a cat buying lie or some bullshit in kernel?

The honest way is politickers must give chance to nation builders so that we can rapidly move ahead successfully.

Why should anyone run for public office when he/she is not ready to apply proper solutions to the problems? This is cannibalism of the first degree and an immoral senseless dehumanization.

We call on all Sierra Leoneans to convey our message to the politicians. Politickers should vacate politics. Sierra Leoneans need dedicated servants and leaders. Human gods must go. Human gods or devils are not needed.

Peace and Love.
Unity, Freedom, and Justice for all Sierra Leoneans.
Help Save Sierra Leone.