APC will never succumb to the devil

26 July 2008 at 16:08 | 626 views

By Essa Thaim Kurugba, USA.

“God Almighty, Sierra Leone Needs The blessings Of Our Religious Leaders and Our Ancestors”.

In Sierra Leone today many of us who are APC supporters in the diaspora are dismayed by how our honest and dedicated political leaders in the APC government are belittled and demeaned by some sections of the media.

Religious leaders must start to become increasingly centralized, with their religious prayers and fasting for being able to remove the hypocrites who are systematically sabotaging and disrupting the progress of this new government. Religious leaders should be proactive and not wait until things get out of hand because an unprofessional press can cause instability and serious unrest.

Why are some members of the press makng these uncanny and weird judgments over innocent people? Does someone care about the character assassinations of prominent and respectable figures in Sierra Leone that’s going on daily in the last couple of months? The name calling and party disparaging without evidence or provocation, must end.

The SLPP lost the 2007 general election and by virtue of all the facts, cabinet ministers willingly handed over their executive offices and powers to the incoming authority figures of the new government and institutions.

Many SLPP members with their fickle minded supporters claim they’re not after power, yet the truth is that everyone wants to feel empowered. To achieve empowerment from the God of Abraham, our political members must align themselves with religious leaders for prayers. Whatever surfaced or landed in our country had been the dirty job of the devil of the past.

Although we are all seekers of political power, we rarely achieve genuine power through the centralization of our faculties and energies via asceticism and sense-introversion. It is far easier for this government to avoid this inner spiritual challenge by directing the energy and motivation toward institutions of centralized conservatism such as organized religions, patriarchy, and institutions of higher learning. Taking health care under the SLPP as an example, we know it was driven by greedy pharmaceutical companies and deceitful individuals who the media never cared to probe.

It’s also important to note and recognize that, the former government -SLPP- was on a quest for self-empowerment only within their political party. After winning elections, they handed over power to centralized authority and other institutions that were good at abusing their offices. Money lavishing, greed and womanizing were the order of the day during their political tenure.

To the former government, our nation gave their loyalty, money, and mind and in return the government failed. During the SLPP tenure, the capital city Freetown was the filthiest and most obnoxious city in the West Coast of Africa. Was this headline news in the media? The country was left in destitution with ravaging hunger and poverty. The above are some of the reasons people voted the new government for a change. Do the media care on how the SLPP left the city, the roads, the country, etc.? People of this nation can tell the difference between the SLPP and the APC.

I have to express my feeling that the most effective way to remove power from the hands of corrupt and devilish heads of institutions is to begin centralizing it within your close supervision or replace the entire chain of command. This can be achieved through severity and sense-introversion.

Basically, developing a practice of looking within for knowledge, rather than seeking answers from external authority is the best. Self-empowerment by the APC government is directly proportional to self-knowledge. The inner knowledge leads to a sprawling sense of self-empowerment that will naturally be reflected outwardly as willing to give power to centralized institutions.

Now, spirituality, through the God of Abraham, is requested to help protect our President from the agents of Lucifer and provide him with wisdom that’s distinguished from all relative information of the enemies of the state. I am not referring to wisdom often that comes in the form of superficial ideas spiced with meaningless exotica and tainted with bias and dogma, but true spiritual wisdom.

Today’s politics and religious climate totally discourages self-knowledge. Political parties, like the APC, were formed long ago in an effort to centralize power along party lines by increasing loyalty to an unwavering ideology.

Religious, political, and economic leaders are all in the same boat when it comes to intrinsic social power. The enormous power they appear to wield is merely the borrowed personal power conferred by millions of individuals. This is one of the reasons we need to ask the nation’s religious leaders for help and pray to the God of Moses and God of Abraham’s Power to help our party and our nation’s political leader, President Ernest Bai Koroma, to prevail and succeed.

His leadership will never succumb to any deceitfulness, fraud and subversive acts from any opponents. Much like people who vote along party lines without thinking for themselves, self-mystifying spiritual seekers consult the spiritual “teachers” who disseminate and confer civil rights.

It is too early for the media and political opponents to judge, harass and bother the Koroma administration at this time.

Politicians promise security, prosperity, and social happiness, while spiritual leaders promise enlightenment, success, and personal happiness. Politicians spread fear of enemies, economic collapse, and opposing parties. Spiritual leaders spread fear of spiritual ignorance, being left out of the elite group of the enlightened and different paths.

In both cases, those of us who became vulnerable as a result of the prevailing cultural and socioeconomic instability remain easy targets of such political propaganda. President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma must be given the chance to govern and it’s too soon for the media to rush to judgment on his administration. It will repugnant, sickening, distasteful and disgusting if the media continue to be the judge and jury for all the petty misfortunes in Sierra Leone without allowing people to defend themselves.

As the cocaine saga draws to a close, consider taking a moment to reflect on the world we will be leaving to our children. As children, we started by playing the make-believe game, and today, being so responsible, we will never stop teaching. If we’re going to continue playing and teaching our children how we play, we might as well positively make and believe in a world in which we acknowledge that God is a metaphor for knowledge and power, and as such is not limited to the sphere of religion.

We can take responsibility for a world in which God is whatever we want God to be: the entity to which we turn our attention, and which empowers us in our APC Government. The Koroma Administration will never compromise or succumb to deceitful or devilish politicians.