APC is indeed a grateful party

18 October 2010 at 23:21 | 1462 views

By Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, Stockton, California, USA.

The recent brouhaha between the erudite lawyer cum politician Charles Margai of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change and the indefatigable Minister of Information and Broadcasting,I.B.Kargbo is finally over. It is dead and the next issue for some writers will be to make a mountain out of the apology.

The minister’s apology to Charles Margai over remarks the minister made against the leader of the PMDC party has been settled by the president of the republic,President Ernest Koroma. There are three sides or various foods for thought on this issue:firstly, the statesman-like intervention of the president, secondly is the honorable apology of the minister and thirdly is the APC party’s position as a grateful party.

As stated inter alia, the president ‘s intervention in settling the disputes between the two gentlemen is remarkable. It clearly shows the camaraderie between the two gentlemen (the president and Charles Margai) before the elections and even after the elections. With recent press speculations about an outburst of Charles Margai towards the governance of the All People’s Congress, nobody would have anticipated that the president will solve such an impasse at this time. In one of the online portals, a reknowned columnist of the opposition had already started calling Charles Margai names and even justifying the exclusion of Charles Margai from the leadership of the party in 2007. The president has demonstrated that he can control his ministers and still has the clout to settle disputes. In contemporary politics, that is what leadership is about;the vision to detect problems and the ability to settle them amicably.

Minister I.B Kargbo has once again demonstrated his imperfection as a human being. As he stated at the press conference, it was a mistake and he tendered his profound apology.What a nice politician and an humble gesture! Considering how some politicians will react to such threats, especially when power is in their grip, he outstepped his political jurisdiction and made a public apology. Good lesson to other politicians. Furthermore, minister I.B Kargbo recalled their school days in Bo.This revelation confirms the belief that politics is not the end of life and friendship is the best thing in life.

Thirdly, what can be seen as an asset in life is gratitude. Charles Margai, say what you may want to say about him, will ever be remembered in the annals of the history of the country. Charles has been an influential lawyer in the country. His flair for the English language has made him one of the best lawyers in the sub-region. In the law profession, he is a masterpiece. In the 80s, the whole Bo town and its environs would come to a standstill whenever Charles is attending court session.

However, politics does not seem to be on his side yet as he has still not attained his desired dream. The All People’s Congress Party is a grateful party since time immemorial. The significant role played by Charles Margai’s PMDC in the last election is still being appreciated by the party. With three years in power, the PMDC members of parliament are still in the cabinet.What a nice way of being grateful! Charles Margai is still being regarded as a trusted friend of the president.

The All People’s Congress is notorious for one of several qualities; it is what you sow in the party that you reap. In the 70s and 80s, politicians like Dr.Sama Banya, late Dr.Salia Jusu Sherriff, Dr. Gandi Capio, Alhaji S H O Gborie and many others were staunch supporters and loyalists of the party. The party compensated these politicians with ministerial positions and protection. The party has been fulfilling their promises to people who have suffered for the party. It is therefore no surprise that the APC is still maintaining its promise to the PMDC leadership.

It is beieved that the cordial relationship between the APC and PMDC is in the interest of national unity.