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APC Georgia Branch: Shekito in Hot Water !

16 February 2006 at 05:34 | 482 views

There are rumblings in the APC branch in Atlanta, Georgia. There is also talk of the dismissal of the branch’s chairman, Mr. Sheka Kamara, alias Shekito. Alpha Saidu Bangura reports:

By Alpha Saidu Bangura

The All Peoples Congress (A. P. C.) Georgia chapter is in complete disarray.At a general meeting of the branch held on Sunday,February 11 in the home of Mr. Sulaiman Sesay in Atlanta, a group of disgruntled members passed a vote of no confidence on their chairman, Mr. Sheka Kamara popularly known as (Shekito).

A spokesman for the group of members who demanded the removal of Shekito, Mr.Ahmed Conteh said that Mr.Kamara was removed from office because he(Shekito) "clearly proved to the party that he can not run his office well."

Mr.Conteh also pointed out that Shekito has lost the credibility to be their chairman by involving in what he called "dubious acts."

In reply to the allegations against him, Mr. Sheka Kamara said he is still the constitutionally elected chairman of the APC, Georgia branch.He said in a meeting held last Sunday, the group of displeased members became very disorderly and he called off the meeting in the interest of peace.

He said after the adjournment of the meeting,most members went home but that day he later received a phone call from a friend who told him that he had been removed from office.He added that most of the members who removed him are not paid up members and do not have the constitutional right to remove him. Mr.Kamara said that the constitution of the party is very clear on how to remove an executive.Mr. Kamara also said that the national chairman of the APC north America, Mr Alimamy Kamara, is inciting members to destabilize his branch.

I contacted Mr.Alimamy Kamara in Washington, DC and he said the matter is now under proper investigation and appropriate action will be taken soonest to correct the matter.The chairman promised that he will bring all the members of the party together.He also promised to treat all member fairly and equally.

Shekito was a very popular socialite and sports promoter in Freetown, Sierra Leone, before relocating to the United States a couple of years ago. He was a powerful supporter and executive of the East End Lions soccer club.
Photo: Ernest Koroma, APC leader.