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APC-Canada report

11 December 2016 at 18:09 | 823 views

On behalf of the Honourable Chairman and Leader of the APC Canada Branch, I wish to express profound thanks and appreciation to everyone who attended the joint meeting between the Branch and the Ontario Chapter members.

Our Special regards go to co-opted executive member, Comrade Alex Kabia, advisers of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Brima Zo Conteh and Comrade Nixon Bangura; Director of International Affairs, Mrs Marie Turay, Principal Veteran Member, Comrade Sheriff Sesay; Treasurer, Comrade Modibo Lymon, Vice President of the Ontario Chapter, Comrade Abdulai British Sesay; Acting President of the Quebec Chapter, Comrade Bob Kanu; and Comrade Umaru King.

It was a result oriented meeting and many outstanding matters were exhausted.

Thank you.

Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara

Secretary, APC Canada Branch.

Sean Samura, Honourable Chairman and Leader, APC-Canada (left) and Modibo Lymon, Treasurer, APC-Canada.

Left to right: Modibo Lymon, Umaru King, Abdulai British Sesay and Sheriff Sesay.

Left to right: Umaru King, Sheriff Sesay and Bob Kanu.

Bob Kanu (left) and Brima Zo Conteh.

Mrs. Marie Turay, Director of International Affairs, APC-Canada.

Left to right:Umaru King, Sheriff Sesay, Bob Kanu, Abdulai British Sesay, Modibo Lymon, Alex Kabia, Marie Turay and Brima Zo Conteh.