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APC-Canada message to APC contestants from Canada

12 January 2018 at 22:38 | 3142 views

Dear Comrades,
You have fought a good fight. You ran an enviable campaign and throughout your stay in Sierra Leone, victory was within your grasp. You have built lasting organizations at grassroots level, all yearning for quality representation. You showed up for duty in such a defining moment when your constituents needed you the most. Above all, you answered the call of duty which is to render a national service to your country, Sierra Leone. It is when patriots like you showed up for duty during such a crucial period in the history of our great party, the APC and our country, Sierra Leone that a competitive political environment is cultivated and as such we are confident of a better future wherein those who are chosen to represent our people have no choice but to deliver.

Fellow Compatriots,
You have made us proud in Canada because what you did many could not do. You left your gainful employment and sacrificed family and your comfort zones to ensure that your local constituencies are given a voice in the ongoing electioneering process. You have given them hope over anxieties. When you left Canada and took up such defining journey we had no doubt in your ability to excel. Reports from Sierra Leone are indicative of your leadership skills and profound benevolence in empowering communities. You did not sit in your comfortable sofas in Canada professing change but you took a great step in adding value to the business of local participation and national representation by returning home and working alongside your communities. As such, you have given your constituents a lasting voice to speak up and you have inspired them to become agents of change.

In the concluding stages of your campaign we came to the realization that some of you can go no further due to constitutional barriers. We acknowledge the fact that those barriers have not been thought of, until recently, as the political environment becomes more competitive. You passed the competitive test but there comes a time when the supreme law of the land as written in the constitution require of us to adhere to what has been established even in unbearable circumstances and where some individuals have not done so. Your courage to abide by the dictates of the constitution under this circumstance has distinguished you from others.

Comrade parliamentary aspirants from Canada,
There comes a time when we must seek to abide by what is right because what is rights reminds us of those values we stand for in the midst of barriers. You have chosen to accept what is right in the eyes of the law. On behalf of the APC Canada Branch we thank you for your great sacrifices. We look forward to your briefings whenever you returned to Canada. Our prayers and best wishes are always with you and your family.

Thank you.

Ibrrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General, APC Canada Branch

1. Comrade Sean Samura, Chairman of the APC Canada Branch
2. Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara, Vice Chairman, APC Canada Branch
3. Comrade Mohamed Taqi, Vice Chairman II, APC Canada Branch
4. Comrade Mark Mangay Turay, Assistant Secretary General, APC Canada Branch
5. Comrade Alex Kabia, Co-opt Executiv, APC Canada Branch
6. Comrade Gibril Koroma, Publicity Secretary, APC Canada Branch
7. Madam Aminata Kanu, Women’s Leader, APC Canada Branch
8. Comrade Alikali Turay, Chairman Advisory Committee
9. Comrade Jibril Koroma, Organizing Secretary, APC Canada Branch
10. Madam Marie Turay, Director of International Affairs, APC Canada Branch
11. Copied All Executives of the APC Canada Branch