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APC-Canada message of appreciation

17 July 2017 at 04:44 | 889 views

Message of appreciation on the outcome of the APC-Canada branch and women’s wing outdoor fundraising in Toronto, Saturday July 15, 2017.

Dear Comrades of the APC in Canada,

We made great progress in our outdoor fundraising on the 15th of July, 2017. It was a wonderful moment of stewardship in our party, the APC.

The APC Canada Branch is grateful to you, our supporters, friends and well-wishers of the APC in Ontario.

You brought in the best we wanted and we are grateful to the Women of Ontario for doing such a great job. Yesterday, you, the women in Canada, have spoken and you did it by action. You have asked to relay your message of preparedness for the visit of His Excellency, President Ernest Koroma in September, 2017.

We could not be more proud of our stalwarts and young volunteers who were dedicated in making progress. On that note and on behalf of the Honorable Chairman and Leader of the APC Canada Branch, the Leadership and Executive of the APC Canada Branch, the Women’s Leader and Deputy Women’s Leader II of the Women’s Wing we wish to thank you all for your support. Thanks.

Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General of the APC Canada Branch.

More photos tomorrow. Here is a video clip of the event: