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APC-Canada fundraising and inauguration date

1 August 2017 at 02:27 | 2005 views

After consultations with the APC National Secretariat, the APC Canada Branch
National Advisory Committee, and the Executive of the APC Canada Branch, hereby declare that the Official Launching and Inauguration of the APC Canada Branch will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 30th of September, 2017.

The leadership of the APC Canada Branch has set up a Special Planning and Organizing Committee for this event, which is headed by the Deputy Chairman I, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara and the Deputy Chairman II, Comrade Mohamed Taqi with the Principal Veteran Comrade Sheriff Sesay as the Branch Inauguration Coordinator.

Additional members of this committee have been appointed from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba. Special chapters in Calgary, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario will also be represented.

All enquiries about planning and implementation should be directed to the above committee.

Welcome in advance to the APC Canada Branch Launching and Inauguration Ceremony in the City of Toronto.

Thank you.

Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General, APC Canada Branch