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APC-Canada branch chairman in London for APC-UK inauguration

23 July 2017 at 03:30 | 1151 views

Comrades of the APC Diaspora and Compatriots of our Branch,

We must inform you that the Honourable Chairman and Leader of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Sean Samura is in London, United Kingdom. Co-opt Executive, Madam Agnes Kabia and one more Branch representative are also in London to show our solidarity with the APC UK and Ireland Branch as they observe another inauguration ceremony.

Our representation in such an auspicious occasion brings in important dividends between the APC Canada Branch and APC UK and Ireland Branch. We continue to believe that the fraternal relationships between our branches will set forth a new diaspora crescendo, one predicated on a new and efficient diaspora leadership.

Also, we remain optimistic that our branches will work together in a timely manner for a new diaspora leadership and greater diaspora participation in the affairs of our great party, the APC.

We are thankful to the UK and Ireland Branch for receiving and providing warm hospitality to our Chairman.

Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General, APC Canada Branch