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APC-Canada Branch announces two new appointments

15 September 2017 at 21:48 | 1822 views

On behalf of the Board of Advisers, Executive members and the entire membership of the APC-Canada Branch we want to seize this moment to congratulate Comrade Gibril Koroma from Winnipeg, Manitoba (flanked in photo by APC-Canada chairman Sean Samura on the left and Treasurer Modibo Lymon on the right) as the newly appointed Organizing Secretary and Madam Fatmata Kamara from Toronto, Ontario as the new Assistant Organizing Secretary respectively. These two personalities had won the admiration of the branch for their hard work and solidarity towards the APC-Canada Branch and the party as a whole.

By the powers vested in me as the Chairman and leader of the APC Canada Branch, and by the unanimous mandate of the Branch’s Executive, I hereby wholeheartedly confirm the appointments of Comrade Gibril Koroma and Madam Fatmata Kamara as the new Executive Members of the APC Canada Branch with immediate effect.

We have no doubt that they will effectively discharge their functions to the best of their ability and we wish both of them the best on their new appointments.

Congratulations to Gibril and Fatmata !


Mohamed Sean Samura

Chairman, APC Canada Branch

Madam Fatmata Kamara, Assistant Organizing Secretary, APC-Canada.