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Anonymous JFK supporter writes President Ernest Koroma

20 September 2017 at 05:11 | 2186 views

Your Excellency,

I know you are struggling with the very difficult decision of who you should select as the party’s 2018 presidential flag bearer.

I would like to advise you,Your Excellency, based on critically listening to the public on the merits and demerits of all those who have shown interest in the position to look no further than your able-bodied Attorney General and Minister of Justice, JFK, whose exemplary performance at the helm of the Judiciary clearly indicates the kind of innovative managerial and administrative reforms he will carry out to carry on with your legacy of good state governance and infrastructural renovation.

JFK is the man the nation needs to press forward. Before he left as Commissioner, he succeeded in lifting Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption profile from the bottom position of 134 in 2010 to 119 in 2015; a jump of 15 places in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

During his time as Commissioner of Anti-Corruption, JFK secured the conviction of several high profile government officials including three Ministers, Mayor of the Capital City, Head of the National Revenue Authority, and Head of the National Maritime Agency to name but a few.

A Member of the African Union Board on Anti-Corruption, the Hon. Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, has over 25years experience at the Bar and has a wealth of international experience as a promoter and defender of human rights.

His contribution to international jurisprudence with regards crimes against humanity has been well documented. He was one of the pioneers in pushing for the recognition of the offences of forced marriage and sexual violence in international criminal law jurisprudence.

JFK is passionate about expanding the boundaries of human rights protection and improving access to justice particular for vulnerable groups like women and children in his country. Following his appointment as Attorney General and Minister of Justice, he has worked closely and tirelessly with the Legal Aid Board Sierra Leone in providing legal assistance to many indigent Sierra Leoneans. Over 1500 cases already dealt with leading to the release of hundreds of inmates. Today LAB is a household name nationwide wide because of its proactive stance on behalf of the poor in conflict with the law.

His fundamental philosophy of using the law to improve democratic governance and social cohesion has witnessed a renewed focused on improving access to justice through public engagement and education in communities to improve public knowledge of the law and legal processes. He is currently working with civil society, communities and donors to repeal and modernise certain outdated laws in his country that undermine fundamental freedoms including press freedom, association, human rights and women’s empowerment.

Foremost among his list of leadership achievements are;

• Recipient of the African Achievers Awards for Excellence in Leadership, 2016;

• Recipient of the Golden Image Award, Liberia, 2016;

• Former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association;

• Winner of the World Bank Integrity Award 2010;

• Joint winner of the International Association of Prosecutors Award in recognition for promoting International Criminal Justice;

• Avon International Award Winner in recognition of support for Women’s Rights and;

• Former First Vice President of the West African Bar Association.

Given his excellent academic and work CV, coupled with the fact that he is socialite whose interactions cut across all levels of society, the majority of Sierra Leoneans who look forward to astute dynamic leadership after you think JFK deserves to be your successor.