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An interesting look into the work of Sierra Leone’s ACC

21 July 2021 at 19:08 | 382 views

PV Staff

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone is one of Sierra Leone’s biggest newsmakers because Sierra Leoneans are always interested any in news about corruption.

This is because like most African countries, Sierra Leone has a big corruption problem that has not only stifled economic growth for decades but has also been one of the fundamental causes of the country’s horrendous civil war (1991-2002).

The ACC was established in 2000 and the current Commissioner or head, Francis Ben Kaifala (photo), was appointed on June 2018, two months after current president Julius Maada Bio became president assumed office in April 2018.

Since his appointment, Kaifala has been interviewed many times both at home and abroad and he always provided verifiable information on his administration’s achievements.

In this interview with Sierra Leonean journalist Stella Bangura in Freetown, Kaifala and some members of his staff lay bare what has been happening in the anti-graft organisation. It’s a goldmine of information.