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"All for Me...", says Berewa

5 June 2006 at 21:51 | 387 views

"In a symbolic gesture, the women dressed the leader in a white flowing gown as a testimony to their marriage of him. Amid cheers and joy, the ladies danced over the seal of this great marriage between themselves and the Vice President."

By Victor Reider, Guest Writer

All FOR ME....

This was the opening statement of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Presidential Flag Bearer and Leader Hon Solomon Berewa(photo) as he stood up to give his address to the over 4000 strong women who assembled over the weekend at the hall of the Party’s Secretariat, Wallace Johnson street in Freetown.

In an unprecedented move, the women of the Western Area have launched “the Grassroots Women in Support of Solo B” (GROWSOB). Addressing the meeting the Chairman for the occasion, Hon. Dr Bernadette Lahai, recognizing the hard work of these women from all walks of life, gave a synopsis of the genesis of the organization.

She revealed that it was during the course of the funeral rites of the late wife of the Leader Mrs. Debora Berewa that the idea was conceived by a few women who were predominantly charged with the preparation of food for the guests at the ceremony. That they subsequently went into action and in less than four months they have been able to mobilize over 4000 Women in support of the Vice President Solomon Berewa for the Presidency come 2007.

Dr Lahai noted with satisfaction that the group cuts across tribes, regions, religious denominations etc. She admonished them that as the National Women’s Leader, she would now want the members to go forth into the field in every nook and cranny of not only the Western Area but more so the rest of the country and preach the good news to others about the good things that the SLPP has done.

The well composed Chairlady of GROWSOB Aminata Dabo a reputed grassroots organizer, in her contribution, said that they will do all in their power to ensure that Solo B (as the Leader is fondly called) is taken to State House in an overwhelming Victory come 2007.

Women surrender

Perhaps the most fascinating speech apart from the Leader’s came from Susan Williams the Public Relations Officer ( PRO) who kept reminding her audience that today is their day. Indeed it was the D-Day for the Women as they punctuated the speeches of the various speakers with songs in praise of SOLO B. Susan said that the sole aim of their organization is to get Solo B into State House in the 2007 elections and that all other things as far as they are concerned were secondary.

She made an interesting disclosure when she revealed that among these women were those who sometime ago were in other political parties but that they chose to surrender to Solo B’s Leadership as a show of the confidence that they have in him. She further went on to say that all they required from the Presidential nominee was empowerment. And that they will stop at nothing to continue mobilizing the entire Country for Solo B.

Expose SOLO B

The Chairman for the campaign Committee Dr Bobson Sesay, drew the attention of the gathering that they as the women of this country have already exposed The Vice President and that they therefore now have the obligation to conclude the task of making him the next President.

The climax was when the hero himself Solo B took the microphone. ‘All for me", he said. ‘All for me... why am I saying this?" he questioned. I am saying this because it is a lucky day for me and I thank the almighty God. Today alone, I have had three extremely successful meetings. I started with the Western Area Teachers who were over 3500 that launched their support group in my favour and in between that, I’ve also had a very successful meeting with the Portuguese Town cultural organization in Freetown west 11. Therefore, are these all for me? ‘This day is worth celebrating, I know now why I have a lot of enemies’. ‘This is understandable because there are those who may not be happy with my successes and will naturally be upset at a moment like this’, the SLPP Presidential Flag bearer asserted.

The Vice President declared that this is the largest gathering that he has seen under one roof in his support. He profusely thanked the women for their hard work and commitment to the SLPP and himself as the Leader. The Vice President confessed that the Grassroots Organization is very dear to him considering the origin of it being born in the midst of the funeral of his wife. ‘And besides, I respect women and I know what you can do’ he said.

The Vice President acknowledged that the Grassroots Women’s Organization has grown with phenomenal speed. He told the women that this relationship should not stop at elections but that it should continue unabated. He was pleased to let them know that the party is growing popular by the day through the effort of people like the members of the support groups.

The Marriage

In a symbolic gesture, the women dressed the Leader in a white flowing gown as a testimony to their marriage of him. Amid cheers and joy, the ladies danced over the seal of this great marriage between themselves and the Vice President.

In appreciation, he thanked them for their choice of marriage to him and went on to say that it is not the length of time that one has been in the party but rather what he/she can do for the promotion of the party.

The climax was when the Vice President officially launched the organization amidst drums and cymbals to the joy of all present.

Other speakers were Mr John Bosco Kuyateh who was crowned as the godfather of the women and Mrs Bintu Magona the godmother.

In another related development over 3500 Teachers launched another organization in support of Solomon Berewa at a huge meeting at Freetown West 11. Details and photos to follow.

Hon Victor Reider
National Publicity Secretary SLPP.