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African American Identity and the New Diaspora’

Msia Kibona Clark explores the relationship between African Americans and the new Diaspora’ of African immigrants to the United States. The relationship is not

| January 2006 | 523 views

Book Review: African Women and Literature

This is a very critical review of the anthology "African Women and Literature" edited by Eustace Palmer,Eldred Durosimi Jones and others. Dr.Eldred Jones (...)

| January 2006 | 3059 views

Let Osu Castle Stay

By Dr. Daniel Tetteh Osabu-Kle,Ottawa Ghana is a small country that cannot afford the luxurious and affluent life-styles of the developed world. The (...)

| January 2006 | 1142 views

Asantehene, Traditional Values and KNUST

The recent appointment by Ghana’s leading science and technology school of the Asantehene (King of the Asante ethnic group), Otumfuo Osei Tutu 11, as it’s (...)

| December 2005 | 514 views

Liberia: UN Refuses to Lift Sanctions

After receiving reports that the situation in Liberia is still a threat to international peace and that its natural resources are still not being used in a (...)

| December 2005 | 485 views

The Gambia: Condoleeza Rice Asked to Intervene

Reporters Without Borders wrote today to US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice expressing its "deep concern about the steady disintegration of democracy (...)

| December 2005 | 498 views

Liberia: UNMIL Warns George Weah

The head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has called on the losing presidential candidate to calm his supporters following two incidents (...)

| December 2005 | 644 views

Ghana: The Castle in a Thunderstorm

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong. The thunderstorm - variously dubbed "Castle Hijacks Kickbacks” or “Castle in Crisis over Kickback Scandal” - that has been hanging (...)

| December 2005 | 592 views

Liberia: Fight Over Cherokee Jeeps.

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard London Bureau Chief The confrontation between the United State embassy in Monrovia and Liberia’s outgoing members of parliament (...)

| November 2005 | 631 views

The Decline of J.J. Rawlings

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong In terms of sheer patriotism and nationalism that propelled him to Ghana’s political scene, John Jerry Rawlings is in a class of (...)

| November 2005 | 615 views

Ghana: Demons, Values and National Development

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong As Ghana’s emerging renaissance increasingly spreads country-wide, one of the key areas which is seen as entangling the progress (...)

| November 2005 | 507 views