From the Editor’s Keyboard

A Great Day for the APC in North America

23 August 2008 at 08:27 | 354 views


Today, Saturday August 23, is a great day for members and supporters of the ruling All People’s Congress in the United States of America and Canada for this is the day the executive members of the most powerful branch of the party in the diaspora will be elected.

To be a member of the executive of this branch is not a small thing considering the fact that the APC is now the ruling party in Sierra Leone. Being a member of this executive therefore confers a lot of privileges and responsibilities. It brings, whoever the executive member is, closer to the seat of power in Freetown and also imposes on them the need to carefully evaluate what they say and do in public and in private. It’s both an enjoyable and difficult assignment.

We therefore expect a lot of tension and excitement at today’s APC convention in Washington DC. But we know ambassador Bockarie Stevens and National Secretary General Victor Foh would make sure there is not too much excitement or confusion and that everything would go smoothly in just the same way the SLPP National Chairman UNS Jah recently supervised a similar convention in Texas.

This newspaper, the Patriotic Vanguard, has its headquarters in Canada and we never lose an opportunity to "speak out" in favour of Sierra Leoneans and other Africans living in Canada. We therefore hope both the SLPP and the APC would allow their supporters in Canada to play a more meaningful role in the two branches which always call themselves "SLPP-North America" or "APC-North America" without any representation from Canada! The same can be said of PMDC-North America and other Sierra Leonean political parties.

We think this anomaly must stop and call on Canada’s delegates at today’s APC convention to stand up and be counted and be heard.

Finally, we wish APC-North America a happy and peaceful convention. May the best men and women, the people the delegates feel would best serve the aims and objectives of the party and the people of Sierra Leone, get elected in peace, love and harmony. Amen. Inshallah.

Photo: APC National Secretary General Victor Foh. Tough assignment.