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A good move by President Ernest Bai Koroma

By  | 28 November 2015 at 08:11 | 2056 views

To see an article by President Ernest Bai Koroma on a highly respected newspaper like the Wall Street Journal is exhilirating so say the least. This should please any Sierra Leonean because this is something coming directly from the pen or keyboard of the man at the helm of affairs in our country.

The president knows he is not only committing himself and his government to do what he wrote but he is also holding himself accountable not only to fellow Sierra Leoneans but to the rest of the world.

Leaders of countries around the world and international investors will take note of every word in that World Street Journal article. It’s a blueprint or business plan of the APC government from now on to 2018 when we would have the next elections in Sierra Leone.

One thing we at the Patriotic Vanguard have noticed is that president Koroma’s APC government has been very active on the internet and social media just like President John Mahama of Ghana and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, to name just two other African leaders.

Africa’s emancipation from poverty and unnecessary degradation depends on maximum use of the media (among other things) both at home and the international scene. African governments urgently need to pay more attention to the media and make use of the Internet to send out their messages to debunk some of the myths out there about the African continent and African leaders in general.

Japan is today a great nation through not only providing the the right kind of education for its citizens and technological advancement but also through a robust media presence at home and abroad. The same can be said of all other great nations like China, India, Singapore, Russia and so on. Governments and countries need to COMMUNICATE to succeed and move forward.

Of course countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and the rest of the wealthy and powerful Western nations all have formidable media footprints which keep changing with the times.

Can you imagine the UK without the BBC or the Guardian or the Financial Times or the Economist?

Or the USA without CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal?